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Samstag, 7. August 2010

11.8.2010 Krake Festival @ Berghain Kantine Suicide Circus Berlin

Cristian Vogel (Audio/Visual Live-Set!)
Bogdan Raczynski (live)
Radioactive Man (live)
Der Dritte Raum (live)
...Kettel (live)
Sven Weisemann
Freund Der Familie
Frank Bretschneider (Audio/Visual Live-Set!)
Transforma (Audio/Visual Performance)
Karsten Pflum (live)
Narcotic Syntax (live)
Hanno Hinkelbein
Jade Monkey
Plaster (Audio/Visual Live-Set!)
Robert Chudoba (live)
James Dean Brown
Grischa Lichtenberger (live)
Electro Elvis
Richard Zepezauer
Bjørn Svin (live)
DJ Flush
Adam Weishaupt

The ticket prices for Krake Festival will be:

Ticket prices:
4 Day Ticket: 30 ¬
Wednesday: 8 ¬
Friday: 13 ¬
Saturday: 13 ¬
Sunday: 8 ¬
Sat+Sun: 20 ¬

For Ticket orders please write to info[at]krake-festival.de or check our Resident Advisor Event pages.

KRAKE is a Berlin based festival for challenging electronic music. KILLEKILL and SALON DU KATZ have joined forces to bring this festival to life. KRAKE is about dancing, freaking and listening. About darkness, joy and surprise. A challenge for all your senses.

Numerous groundbreaking artists could be assigned. Amongst those are IDM legends PLAID, techno avantgardist CRISTIAN VOGEL, electro futurist RADIOACTIVE MAN and breakbeat nerd BOGDAN RACZYNSKI to name but a few. Please see the artists section for the full line up and infos on the artists.

The festival takes place in two different locations:
The opening event on wednesday takes place at BERGHAIN KANTINE, a small and intimate venue, part of the legendary club Berghain. The rest of the festival takes place at SUICIDE CIRCUS, a midsize club with an indoor and an outdoor floor in the heart of Friedrichshain, center of Berlin's nightlife.

WEDNESDAY, Aug 11th:

JAMES DEAN BROWN (Narcotic Syntax) - dj

This night KRAKE opens up the festival with a RASTER-NOTON label showcase at Berghain Kantine. RASTER-NOTON is a label run by ALVA NOTO and FRANK BRETSCHNEIDER and has a worldwide reputation for the outstanding releases and live shows of its artists. FRANK BRETSCHNEIDER co-runner of the label stands out as a producer with his strictly minimalistic approach to electronic music. His audio-visual live shows are intense and hypnotizing. GRISCHA LICHTENBERGER is a younger artists of the label but in no way less astonishing. He has developped his very own style of rhythmisizing noise. Both artists will present exclusive audio-visual performances for KRAKE.

Watch Frank Bretschneider perform live at Shanghai eArts Festival: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-pvMfR_0Tc

Watch Grischa Lichtenberger's recent work 0406_01_RS_! here: http://vimeo.com/6610316

FRIDAY, Aug 13th:

PLAID (warp) - dj set
BOGDAN RACZYNSKI (rephlex) - live
VOLTEK (leisure system) - dj


SVEN WEISEMANN (mojuba) dj
ORACY (mojuba) - dj

This will be the first night at Suicide Circus and focusses on experiments in dance music indoor while presenting some of the freshest artists in house music outside under the stars. The indoor club floor is being headlined by IDM legends PLAID who will present an exclusive dj-performance. Second headliner of the night is breakbeat nerd BOGDAN RACZYNSKI who gained worldwide reputation in the 90s with his uncategorizable freaky productions. The night is being opened up by a new audio/video live performance by TRANSFORMA, a video collective known for their work for APPARAT. They will also be responsible for the visuals for the rest of the night. VOLTEK, resident of the legendary Leisure System parties at Berghain, is the dj to host the indoor floor.

The outside area features several highly estimated deep house and dub techno artists. One of them is youngster and rising star of the house scene SVEN WEISEMANN whose productions on labels such as Mojuba, a.r.t.less and Styrax belong to the most sought after recently and whose mixing skills have been shared on renowned podcast series such as those of Resident Advisor or Fact Magazine. The mysterious project ORACY that gained much public attention with only a few releases so far will be playing house and deep techno next to Sven. Opening the floor will be the sympathetic dub techno duo FREUND DER FAMILIE running a fine label under the same name.

There will be japanese barbecue and other food available on the outside area.

Find out more on Plaid here: http://www.plaid.co.uk/

Listen to Bogdan Raczynski and check his videos here: http://www.myspace.com/agent30

Read more on Sven Weisemann here:

SATURDAY, aug 14th:

Indoor floor:
CRISTIAN VOGEL (no future, station 55) - audio-visual live show
RADIOACTIVE MAN (two lone swordsmen, control tower) . live
HANNO HINKELBEIN (null, killekill) . dj
ELECTRO ELVIS (wang) - dj
DJ FLUSH (killekill) - dj

Garden floor:
KARSTEN PFLUM (mindwaves) - live
BJØRN SVIN (mindwaves) - live
PLASTER audio/video live
ZIGGy (tek n terok) live

Visuals: LASAL

SATURDAY will be an endless journey into the diversity of electronic music.
Indoor techno artists such as HANNO HINKELBEIN and DJ FLUSH will perform next to one of the most influential techno producers of all times, CRISTIAN VOGEL, who will present a special audio/visual live performance for the first time. Another special guest is electro mastermind RADIOACTIVE MAN, formerly part of the legendary duo Two Lone Swordsmen, who will play one of his very rare live sets - futuristic cold rockin. RADIOACTIVE MAN also brought his buddy ELECTRO ELVIS to open up the floor with one of his massive dj sets.

On the outside floor outstanding artists such as KARSTEN PFLUM, BJØRN SVIN, ADAM WEISHAUPT, ZIGGy, ROBERT CHUDOBA and PLASTER will present their spectacular live shows and dj sets of IDM, dubstep, electronica and ambient. Video talent LASAL will give lights to this feast of intelligent dance music.

SUNDAY, aug 15th:

DER DRITTE RAUM (std, harthouse) - live
KETTEL (sending orbs) - live
NARCOTIC SYNTAX (perlon) - live
INDEX ID (elektrolux) - live
ADAM WEISHAUPT (salon du katz) - ambient dj set

On SUNDAY we will start in the beautiful garden with an ambient set by ADAM WEISHAUPT who opens up for INDEX ID, one of the most prolific ambient acts of the 90s with several albums out on Electrolux records. Later on we will start indoor with a dj set by Berlin freak RICHARD ZEPEZAUER who will open up for NARCOTIC SYNTAX, a minimal psychedelic funk bomb performance by three people and their machines. Headlining the sunday will be techno überhelden DER DRITTE RAUM, one of the most prolific and sympathetic electronci live acts at all. IDM monster KETTEL will be the one to close this festival with his melodies of unbelievable beauty.

All days there will be japanese barbecue and other food available on the outside area and nobody will be left behind on this trip down to the fascinating depths of where the KRAKE lives.

Zeit 11. August um 22:00 - 16. August um 10:00


Ort Berghain Kantine / Suicide Circus
Am Wriezener Bahnhof / Revaler Straße 99
Berlin, Germany

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